About the Vessel

Howdy! My name is Josh Carr.  I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to know more about me, but if you’re reading this I assume that’s the case.

Who is this guy?

First of all, I disagree with classifications such as “left-brained people vs. right-brained people”.  I have a master’s degree in Bioengineering and have taken far more math classes than I care to recall (the nightmares!), but my true interest and passion lies within creativity such as music, culinary arts, and writing.  In my mind, classifying a person tends to restrict them and prevent them from achieving their true potential.  I believe that people are people.

I’ve been coming up with goofy stories for about as long as I can remember.  Most of them have long gone from my memory, but some of the adventures I came up with while bored in church revival services (hey, I was just a kid!) continued to stick with me.  My life went through some pitfalls and family issues, and the stories had all but completely evaporated from my mind.  Then, one day in February of 2016, I decided to tell my younger sister what I could remember.  I had given up on ever writing anything down and just figured that someone should know a little of what goes on in my mind (yikes).

Well, she loved it.  The encouragement of her affirmative feedback plus the refreshing of the tale in my brain spurred me to take action.  In two months, I had typed out an extremely rough draft of my first book.  The rest is history.

At least the stories are interesting…

It’s amazing how reading (or writing) a good story can feel like an adventure in itself.  During the writing process, I laugh, I cry, and I am constantly surprised at how the plot develops.  Yes, even the author does not always know how the story is gonna go until they get there themselves.  Sometimes I have a general idea of plot points and the rest fills itself in as I proceed.  Other times, I just develop the characters with no clue what’s gonna happen and I discover the story along with my heroes (and the readers).

My primary editors are the friends and family that I have bribed, tricked, requested to read my books.  I can proudly say I have a 100% positive reception from my audience (of about eleven people).  None of this would be possible without the support and input from everyone who assisted me on my journey.  Myriad gratitudes to you ladies and gentlemen!

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What is he, crazy?

I make no attempt to be ambiguous.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  My stories come through the prism of my mind and thusly they frequently reflect my faith in God.  That being said, they are never condemning nor preachy, and I believe that believers and non-believers alike can enjoy the adventures.  If you want to accept the Christian themes as elements of fiction within the story, that’s your choice.  If this is intolerable for you, you are under no obligation to support me in any way.  The idea that all Christians are judgmental is a misconception.  The truth is that we are meant to love and respect every human being on this planet (and beyond? :P).

I pray that everyone enjoys their journey of imagination, and may even learn a thing or two!

God bless,

Josh, Earthen Vessel