AEGIS Wars Illustrations

Ok.  I am aware of the cringe-worthiness of these drawings.  Not my strong suit.  Trust me, my writing is much better than my artistic talent.  Think of these as, um, concept sketches! Yes! I can totally draw WAY better than this! I was just getting down the basics here! We’ll go with that! ‘:)

Also, these are straight-up, no-spoilers, beginning-of-the-story characters.  I don’t want to ruin anything by depicting appearances and characters that don’t show up until later in the adventure, but at the same time, I want to show others a little of how things are supposed to look…

So I’m still torn as to what to do for the illustration pages.  In the meantime, just try to enjoy what I have here!

Devon Persich.  The lead character of the story.

Meda.  A genetically engineered assassin designed by the organization known as Tartarus

This was promotional artwork of sorts before I had really gotten too far in my writing. As such, please forgive me! I know it isn’t great, but I try.  Interesting fact about this one, I stayed up for 36 hours watching RWBY and drawing/coloring this picture!