They say history tends to repeat itself, and for Devon Persich, history (or mythology) is about to become his reality. Caught up in deadly para-intelligence intrigue and a world of mind-blowing secrets, the lines between past and present, as well as natural and supernatural, begin to blur…
In addition to fighting to survive attacks by his many enemies, Devon is also confronted with the conundrum of what it means to be human. His path crosses with a monster, engineered to take the form of a human, but with a cold, bloodthirsty nature and intent to kill.
This intense, harrowing adventure takes our hero on a roller-coaster of ups and downs, life and death, love and hate, fact and fiction, all while searching for the purpose of his life.

The epic first book of the Nacham saga is sure to leave you blown away, but still wanting more!

2 thoughts on “AEGIS Wars”

  1. This looks pretty interesting! The name drew me in, so I may gave to check it out.

    Anything that it is similar to? I am a huge fan of Fantasy, I read the LOTR trilogy when I was 6 haha.

    Thanks for the write up, I will definitely check it out, I am overdue for a good story

    1. Thanks for visiting!  I appreciate your feedback.

      You’ve also given me something to improve. I should probably include a comparison to something similar.  The only problem is, I don’t really do a lot of reading myself. I have no idea what it may be similar to!  Perhaps when you read it you can tell me!

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