Audio Adventures

Here you’ll find recordings of me reading each of my stories.  I do my best at different voices for the characters how I imagined it sounding.  There is also epic music and sound effects.  This is a great option to listen to in your car, working out, fighting invisible ninjas, or anything else you may be doing!

Now, the recordings I have on here are from outmoded versions of my stories.  The final version is infinitely better, and I encourage everyone to check out the finished versions of the print and ebook.  Unfortunately, I have not yet gotten around to re-recording the audiobook.  It takes many months to do all the recording and editing.  So, feel free to check out what I have here, or read the completed and published final drafts elsewhere on my site!

AEGIS Wars Part I

AEGIS Wars Part II


AEGIS Wars Part IV

Flame and Shadow Sample