Firmament Illustrations

Alrighty-o.  Firmament takes place in a fantasy world.  It is not directly related to any of my modern setting books.  I am having a total blast creating it, but for now, it must remain largely a mystery!  Please, feel free to whet your appetite on my drawings of some of the characters!  Again, no spoilers here!

Felix.  From Cadinis, of the Children of Earth.  A very skilled inventor and tinkerer.  Considerably libidinous.

Shiloh.  Also Cadinian from the Land of Earth.  Kind of a normal, boring pacifist.

Bartholomew.  Once the greatest adventurer of all Eterrac.  Now, a cantankerous old geezer.  Owner of “Nothing Between the Gears” Mechanics shop.

Celicia.  A highly timorous, mild-mannered fish-girl from the aquatic kingdom of Ikthetal.  Has no interest in anything adventurous. Or land.  She ends up on both.

Yuriko.  A skitzoid hyper Nylese girl from the Land of Fire kingdom: Nylison.  Hates men.

Kieron.  A violent and phlegmatic commander of a group of mercenaries known as the Wayward.  Bent on destroying Cadinis.  Speaks with excessive poetic fluency so as not to seem like a stupid barbarian.

Rafael.  An immensely devoted Dasiptrian, and right-hand-man to Kieron.

Rizu.  Joined the Wayward after Kieron rescued her from captivity in Cadinis.  Originally from Nylison.

Lemeril.  The most important member of the Wayward.  A master chef in service of the traveling band.  Loves making people happy with his cooking.

Nova.  The klutzy princess of Cadinis, utterly scorned by the royal family for some unknown reason.  Takes matters into her own hands to undo her father’s misdeeds.

So, there they are.  A bunch of weirdos.  Still working on the story, so please be patient.  Trust me, it’ll be worth it!