Flame and Shadow

Flame and Shadow

Seraphina (Sera for short): a naive, disparagingly untalented girl with a big attitude. Fate has delt her a tough hand, and she finds herself raised in a cult-like organization surrounded by those with apparently unnatural abilities…

Milo (Milo for long): a stoic, immensely skilled boy with an aloof nature and no way with words. Somehow, he follows a seemingly similar path, pledging his devotion to an enemy sect with opposing views and teachings.

These two very different individuals are gradually swept into a twisting plot set in motion thousands of years before. Ancient prophecies, extravagant lies, and full-out war send the lives of these young people spinning out of control and intertwining in ways they never could have imagined.

And about that prophecy? Both Milo and Sera are told they are the fulfillment of these archaic writings and are destined to bring peace to the world and the domination of their respective organization. But what if the agendas of one side happen to conflict with those of the other?

After this explosive second book in the Nacham saga, the world will never be the same!

Note: This is a very rough draft.  You are welcome to read it, but be aware that the final published version is not complete, but will be much better