Flame and Shadow Illustrations

Equally as unprofessional are my drawings for my second book.  But… I try.  These were actually the first characters I ever designed, and as such, they have a special place in my heart since they helped me learn how to draw as well as I do today :3

Milo.  The male lead.  Strong, talented, poor with words, emotionally inept.  The third picture was drawn by my friend Devon Held.  I love seeing other people’s (who can actually draw) interpretations of my characters!

Serafina.  The female lead.  Not so strong or talented, but a very hard worker.  Kind and considerate but very naive and directionally challenged.  Again, third picture by my friend Devon Held.

Characters from the cult-like organization known as Tsalderek.  Milo’s fellow students and teacher.

Members of the rival cult known as Nahalore.  Sera’s fellow students and superiors.