It is finished!

Mwa ha ha ha ha!!

My book is now available on, in paperback and e-book version!


I am so very excited to share my stories with the world, and this is phase 1.  It has been quite the journey.  Without the support of my friends and family, I don’t know if I ever would have made it this far.  So much of my heart finds its way into my stories.  So if you hate the books, you probably wouldn’t be a big fan of me! Conversely, if you can tolerate me, I think you may really enjoy these adventures!

So far I have received rave reviews from every single person who has read it, ages 12-77.  You are welcome to take this figure with a grain of salt, though, as every one of my fans knows me personally and at least somewhat likes me.  As mentioned above, if a person likes me, they’ll like the book, so this 100% approval rating may be a bit skewed. 🙂

Unfortunately, Amazon set a minimum price of 25.53 dollars for my paperback.  I honestly was thinking about $8-$10, but they wouldn’t allow it.  🙁  The good news, is I was allowed to choose whatever price I liked for the e-book.  Therefore, the e-book is set at a much more affordable $4.99.  The e-book is also included for free with the purchase of a physical copy.  For a budget option, I recommend the e-book.  However, if you want an old-fashioned book you can hold, the paperback is a wonderful alternative.

And it looks great on a coffee table! (Trey Smith)

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