Hello all! Although I do consider myself an (amateur) author, I will admit I don’t really read much myself, nor do I follow any authors on their webpages. ¬†However, I really do want to connect with my readers, and am interested in creating a newsletter to better allow interaction. ¬†There’s only one problem…

So! What would you all want to see in a newsletter? Should I send it out weekly/monthly? Just so we are on the same page, there will be no spoilers, but everything else is pretty much fair game.

So help a brother out! What would you like to see in an author newsletter?

2 thoughts on “Newsletter”

  1. Lol that’s pretty funny. Nice pic. To answer your questions, I think a weekly newsletter would be the best way to go. You can use a subscriber plugin and have all your subscribers get an email every time you make a post. Makes for a great Newsletter. I think receiving one of your “goofy” stories as you called it in your about me section would be great.

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